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Radio Seagull on air: Gerhard Klaasen
Gerhard Klaasen

Gerhard was born in Groningen, in the Northern part of the Netherlands, many years ago. Being a real Groninger (very pirate-minded) he took part in producing and presenting on many land-based pirate stations. He really loved those years and of course listened to the offshore stations.


Gerhard is the only presenter aboard the Jenni Baynton who can't stand ships. He claims that all of a sudden, out of the blue, he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. He took the consequences of this encounter. Presenting on pirate-radio was no longer an option. At age 33 Gerhard re-adjusted his life, went to college again and became a teacher of religion at High School and a pastor with the Dutch Assemblies of God.

In 2006’ he asked Sietse Brouwer if there was any chance to present a religious programme on Radio Waddenzee. The permission was granted and after three or four shows the general management of 1602 asked him to present more hours on Radio Waddenzee. In those shows, his choice of music was quite spectacular. There was blues, rock, alternative, metal, Dutch barrel organs, pipes and drums and various Dutch artists.

Enjoy Gerhard’s show on Sunday mornings at 10.00. You may learn some religious Dutch!


Show Times:
Sundays: 12:00 - 13:00