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Why advertise on Radio Seagull?

Radio Seagull is different to other stations and is the most effective way to reach a special, unique audience in the UK and The Netherlands.
Radio Seagull is available in your home, in your car and in your workplace.

Advertising on Radio Seagull delivers excellent frequency and repetition.

•   Radio delivers results for both branding and call to action campaigns

•   Radio is focused

•    Radio commercials are personal and evoke emotion

•    Radio creates word of mouth

•   With radio, every commercial is on the 'front page'

•     People spend more time with Radio than with any other medium

Radio campaigns come in all shapes and sizes and we understand the constraints of sticking to a budget so Radio Seagull can cater for all types of budgets.

Our listenership has grown as we have established ourselves on the new broadcast platforms such as DAB+, our 1602 AM frequency and via mobile phones and other devices.

Contact our Sales and Marketing Department for details of our Sponsorship and Advertising rates and how we can help promote your company’s products & services to a Pan European audience.
Realise the full potential of advertising with us and our target market through the power of radio.


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Relay Radio Seagull

If you are a Radio Station that closes down in the evening, why not relay Radio Seagull, whether you are a full time station or just running a 28 day RSL we could give you the 24 hour service your listeners deserve. To give you a flavour of Radio Seagull we have produced a Station Promo that covers the musical diversity that Radio Seagull can offer.

or call us on +31-(0)628 34 97 78 

for your Radio Seagull Station Promo