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Radio Seagull on air: Andy Brooks
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Andy Brooks   I got my first taste of fame at a very early age when I was given a bit part in a school play. A few years later I wowed audiences with my solos as a member of my school's choir. Unfortunately, I soon found that although I enjoyed performing on stage, it required a certain visual aesthetic which I just don't have.

So, at the age of 12 I decided that being heard and not seen was the way to go and started to learn radio presentation techniques from such luminary personalities as Alan Freeman, Kenny Everett, Roger Scott and Peter Powell.

My first radio station was soon open for business broadcasting from my bedroom around the house to discretely positioned speakers that very cleverly had no off switch! Many years later I went on to provide upbeat entertainment to the sick and dying through hospital radio but the thought that my voice might be the last that someone heard before they popped their socks meant that I was always looking for slightly less morbid outlets to fulfil my broadcast needs.

In 1992 I joined Radio Caroline for their first RSL (Restricted Service Licence) broadcast in Dover, England. After making up the numbers there for a few years, I moved on to become a founding member of The Album Zone in 1997 where I spent many happy years broadcasting on Calais station Radio 6, satellite and internet.

Nowadays I'm proud to be part of the exciting station that is Radio Seagull where the music ethos is quite refreshing and fits perfectly with my own. What might that be? In a nutshell; that there is no such thing as bad music and good music - just music you like and music you don't.

And with that, I bid you good day and happy listening.

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