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Radio Seagull on air: Ian Miles          
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Ian Miles started his broadcasting career back in 1983 at the age of 15 when he presented features for BBC Radio Solent’s youth programme ‘Something Else’ and reached the dizzy heights of earning £1 per hour answering the phones for the weekend programmes!

Things progressed though and Ian was just about to go the Voice of Peace in the Med when he got a call asking him if he’d like to join Radio Caroline one of his big ambitions. So by the age of 17 he landed his first gig 12 miles off Clacton-on-sea and in sight of the old Mi Amigo mast on board Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge. In those days he went by the name of Ian Akers.

Ian Miles

After a couple of stints with Caroline he headed to Ireland and worked on various ‘border blaster’ stations in Southern Ireland aimed at Ulster and was the only people the British Army ever seemed to ring up for requests….strange that!


He also worked for Blue Danube Radio in Austria. Ian returned to the Ross in 1989 under the name Ian Miles where he enjoyed a happy spring and summer presenting his show he nick named ‘Miles out at Sea’.


Since then Ian has gone on to become a broadcast journalist but kept his hand in presenting too. He worked on both the BBC and commercial radio as a presenter and news editor before heading for the ‘dark side’ as his journalistic colleagues tell him, as a media manager for the ‘boys in blue’ dealing with lots of nasty crimes and sometimes some funny things too down on the south coast of the UK.


He’s now been persuaded to resurrect ‘Miles out at Sea’ for radio Seagull and has been enjoying digging through his record collection and highlighting some good new talent too on his Thursday night show on the station. Ian said: “It nice to take to the airwaves again and do some watery wireless on one of the only working radio ships in the world and share that experience with those listening. Very few stations allow you this much freedom with your music too which is great…. I can’t quite get used to a radio ship having a licence though!”


Outside of work Ian enjoys trying to grow strange plants in his garden, surfing and chasing around after his two young children.

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