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Radio Seagull on air: Kevin Gover
Kevin Gover
Kevin Gover
Let's face it - we're living through pretty dire economic times. But 2011 has been a pretty amazing year for Kevin in other ways: "I graduated in 2011 for the first time in my life! I've never really had the chance to live the University life, as I went straight in to radio when I was 21."

That was in 1981, and so 2011 has been a special year in Kevin's radio life, too - celebrating 30 years since that first broadcast in Brussels: "I ended up living in Brussels for 6 years, and it was a complete revelation. The music, the radio station, the lifestyle, the concerts, the food - and the friends!"

Kevin went on to carry out many interviews with the glitterati of rock and pop before moving back to England in 1987 and becoming a presenter on Ocean Sound in the south.

After more than 3 extremely successful years there, Kevin went on to work for the BBC in Salisbury at Wiltshire Sound: "That was a pretty amazing time, too... not least because I became involved in making radio documentaries. Some of them were even broadcast across the BBC's local south-west network."

From there, Kevin moved to the commercial equivalent in Salisbury, Spire FM, including a spell as Programme Manager.

After the network was expanded by The Local Radio Company, Kevin moved to Dorchester where he became News Manager for both Wessex FM and Vale FM, and eventually for all of TLRC's stations in the south. At Wessex FM, Kevin won a national award in 2005 (Arqiva/CRCA award for Marketing Excellence) along with two other colleagues: "One of the proudest moments of my life in radio."

When he is not on Radio Seagull 1602, Kevin can be heard on many commercial radio stations across the UK reading news bulletins from the Sky News Radio centre.

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