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  It is with deep regret that we have to announce that Barry Marshall Everitt has passed away. He has been with us since the start of Radio Seagull and will be sorely missed.
Our condolences to his next of kin. R.I.P. Barry

The Fusion Cellar

Smooth Jazz is changing…..we’ve still got Jazz but we will also have Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul in fact a whole fusion of genres that have been influenced by Jazz.

From the 5th April join me Martin Smith in the Fusion Cellar Wednesday afternoons at 1 pm CET repeated Thursday mornings at 1 am CET.

The Fusion Cellar where anything goes….


Radio Seagull now on UK DAB

Radio Seagull has signed a contract with a new DAB station in the UK, Coast & County Radio which will simulcast our signal 7 nights a week from 01.00. to 08.00. (Midnight to 07.00. UK time).

From Scarborough to Skipton and Selby to Scotch Corner, you can now enjoy Radio Seagull on DAB. Make sure you scan Coast & County Radio, and do it today!



Our second test period on 747 has now ended, and the transmitter engineers are analysing the results.

Rest assured, 747 will once again be on the air from the Jenni Baynton in the future.

Daytime AM on 747khz

Image Jan Berg

Here is some good news for our listeners in Harlingen.

We are pleased to announce that Radio Seagull can now be heard on daytime AM on 747khz in what the management describes as an extended test. Your reception reports and comments will be welcome.

Please send them to

Radio Seagull Live Weekend - 19th - 21st August

For 48 hours beginning at 7pm CET Friday 19th August, you could enjoy continuous live programmes from our radioship the LV Jenni Baynton moored in Harlingen. In addition to our usual overnight service on 1602AM and DAB+, there was also a new frequency 747 khz which carried Radio Seagull 24/7.

However, if you were too far away, you could have still listened either online or through the Tune-In App. on your smartphone or tablet. Andy Sennitt, Chris Kennedy, Jerry Scott, Louise Davies, Mandy Marton, Sietse Brouwer and Stevie Gordon were onboard. We hope you enjoyed the weekend live from the Jenni Baynton.

Covering more of The Netherlands
Radio Seagull crackle-free
in stereo on DAB+



Radio Seagull can be heard in stereo on DAB+ in the northwest of the country, and also in the south. Friesland, Noord-Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland can hear Radio Seagull nightly between 19.00. and 07.00. on DAB+. Additionally, you might also be able to enjoy our music on DAB+ in some other areas particularly Antwerp and Aachen.

Please look at the map below. Radio Seagull can now be heard in areas 9D-N 9D-Z and 7A.

Listen to Radio Seagull now not only on 1602 AM and online, but also on DAB+.

A very warm welcome to all our new listeners!


Why not treat yourself to a DAB radio or car radio?

You should also look out for the adaptors which give DAB listening on your present car radio.


  In addition to 1602AM and our other streams, Radio Seagull is also available from iTunes.

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A big thank you to England’s Telegraph newspaper which has named Radio Seagull its internet radio station of the month. This is what the Telegraph wrote:

“As if to prove that the spirit of Sixties-style pirate broadcasting never really died, this charming music station broadcasts from a ship moored in Harlingen Harbour in the Netherlands. Prog rock is the predominant flavour, with plenty of Genesis, Pink Floyd and the like; but genres as diverse as UK blues, world music and jazz also get a look in.”


Radio Seagull is an ongoing project, forever moving forward. As always, your requests, dedications and comments are very welcome.

Sietse, Stevie and the Crew

Radio Seagull is available online. Simply click on the LISTEN button.

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