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Radio Seagull on air: Roger Davis
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Roger Davis  

Just like many other radio enthusiasts I was heavily influenced by the offshore radio stations from the 60s, after listening to the exciting sound of radio from a ship it wasn’t too long before I was totally hooked by this radio bug. I then built my first basic radio studio which consisted of two old record players a home made mixer and a tape recorder microphone to practice my presenting skills, eventually I managed to construct a crude

RF device which then allowed my neighbours to enjoy my skills on their radios, in 1970 I started running my own mobile disco which is still active today, I was also a drummer in various local heavy rock bands during the early 70s then moving on to lead guitar.

I have been involved with various landbased radio stations over the years, in the 1980s I spent some time presenting shows for hospital radio alongside some guest appearances on local ILR stations, in the late 90s I was asked by a local radio group to become head of programmes during a series of RSL broadcasts which they had planned. In 2005 I was contacted by Sietse at Radio Seagull to produce shows for the station, I continued presenting programmes until Oct 2010 when a few health issues needed sorting out so I stepped down from my Radio Seagull duties, during my time away I presented programmes on a local FM community radio station then in Jan 2012 some exciting news came along regarding the opportunity for me to make a return to the station.

Having listened to Radio Seagull in the 70s it was nice to be given the chance to work for a station that is offering a true alternative playing rock music that other stations seem to ignore.

I have collected several 1000s of records over the years especially rare 60s I am amazed at the value of some of these old records, you could well hear some of those being played occasionally on my shows after cleaning out the grooves first, I also have a very large library full of CDs so I should never run short of music for the show.

There are so many bands/artists that I have enjoyed listening too over the years here are a few I especially enjoy, Jethro Tull/Steely Dan/Free/Deep Purple/CCR/Status Quo/Dr Feelgood/Coldplay/White Stripes/Keane/Starsailor/Frans Ferdinand/Roachford.

Solo artists include Chris Rea/Al Steward/Neil Young/James Taylor/Steve Winwood/James Morrison/K.T Tunstall.It’s good to be working with such a dedicated team of presenters, I am sure that Radio Seagull will continue to grow into a fine station for the future.

Show Times:
Mondays: 17.00 - 19.00
Tuesdays: 05.00 - 07.00