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Far Out At Sea


Far Out at Sea by Gordon Kelly, tells the story of Radio Seagull and how a bunch of renegades created a truly alternative radio station.

The book relates the entire history of Seagull, from its early days as an offshoot of the legendary Radio Caroline to the cutting-edge revival in the 21st century. It contains full details of the two ships used as a broadcasting base – the MV Mi Amigo and the Light Vessel Jenni Baynton.

Far Out at Sea recalls the early drug-enhanced broadcasts from the North Sea in 1973 to the eventual demise of its ship. The book includes details of the trials and tribulations of broadcasting at sea and the necessary cloak and dagger machinations required to evade the authorities.

Far Out at Sea examines Radio Seagull’s relationships with its rivals, Radio Veronica and Radio North Sea International, and how their stories became inextricably intertwined. It details how a rag tag mixture of professionals and amateur enthusiasts successfully revived the station in 2003 and how several of the original Radio Seagull disc jockeys would make a triumphant return.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs and featuring exclusive interviews with the people involved, Far Out at Sea is a must-read for all fans of offshore radio.

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